Moving Through Negative Energy/ Money Blocks

“When you’ve gone as far as you can on your own but still experiencing a money block, that is when you know it’s time to hire a coach.”

I just created a foundation! Why is this important? On a sub-conscious level we often have self limiting beliefs about money and why we don’t deserve to have a lot of it when there are so many people who lack it- but irony of these self limiting beliefs is that they don’t serve us or the the very people we create stories around to ease our guilt complex about having more. This is a scarcity mindset based on another “story” we tell ourselves that having more equates others having less. An abundant thinker on the other hand knows that the more they have the more good they can do in the world.

The solution to overcoming these stories we tell ourselves is to invest a portion of our income into charitable organizations that resonate with us, or better yet, play BIGGER and start our own charitable organization!

When you work with me we dig deep, and I do mean deep! I dare to go places that will make you feel a bit vulnerable at times to cut through the facades and layers of bull shit masks we present to the world in order to be accepted that really don’t serve us or the world in which we live. My job is to help unveil the deeper truth as to why you don’t have or do the things you say you want, or in other words, to expose your unique lie, or “story.”

There are no cookie cutter answers in our sessions. While energy/ money blocks have the propensity to show up in our lives with the same result, (scarcity and lack) it may take several intensive coaching sessions to get to the individual ” story” or self-limiting belief that is holding one back from playing full out. This is why my clients invest a private coach. They understand that they don’t what they don’t know. When you’ve gone as far as you can on your own but still experiencing a money block, that is when you know it’s time to hire a coach.


A Look at Chakra Medicine

As my mind begin to silence, suddenly my Awareness was drawn inwardly  (pratyahara) to my pain-body.

I see you…

Like an old familiar friend I  hadn’t seen in years, without judgement, I invited her in. She entered into the Light of my Awareness. As I felt waves of fears, regret and anxiety rushing in, my immediate reaction was to send warm, loving and compassionate energy and acceptance towards her.

The pain of failure at motherhood had become a subtle thorn in her side over the years of not having custody, which I am now acutely aware. I begin to relax, rather than run this time and just sit with it; As I sat with the pain observing all the harsh judgements I detached from all judgement to simply observe. I began to feel space around the pain that wasn’t just there a moment ago. I realize that I am no failure at motherhood at all, and that I am right where I am supposed to be at this moment, as well as my jewels. Upon receiving a much needed reminder, the realization that I am not my emotions; but rather, I am the Observer, the meditation bell suddenly sounds from my meditation app piercing through my thoughts.

I take note of my surroundings, a white candle burning about 12 inches from my legs folded neatly into the lotus pose and sitting on my purple yoga mat on my bedroom floor. I am reminded that I am meditating. I close my eyes again. Within moments, I again find myself (perusa soul, individual self) in the seat of the Observer. When the mind is clear, and buddhi is present, it reflects the Brahman (Supreme universal soul or consciousness). I suddenly observe my thoughts drifting along in streams of monkey-mind chatter  about what I ‘have to do’ today and why.

My sensitivity to the fluctuating vibrational frequency of the gunas (3 strands or qualities inherent in prakrit, primordial matter)  in my mind increased. I am aware of the negative energy shifts in my thoughts and emotions and I don’t like it. I’m judging again. This sensitivity is a good thing however. My intention for today’s meditation was to catch my negative thoughts mid stream, which I did and to change the frequency to more positive emotions while thinking about my goals.

I began thinking about my goals, noticing little to no change in my feelings, however. This is where I center my focus, right here on my feelings about my goals. I envision my written Definite of Purpose statement and recite it out loud. Bingo! Right here is where I am discovering some resistance and energy blocks around my beliefs. My mood isn’t shifting as easily as I’d thought.  I relax into my body a bit more while concentrating on holding the image of me achieving my goal in my mind… Ding!

Gosh darn it! My meditation timer goes off again, this time informing me that my 15 minutes of morning meditation is up.

I quickly journal my insights down on paper while they’re still fresh before heading to the gym. Tomorrow I will pick up where I left off… envisioning my goals on a more positive frequency.

Meditation Insight: The thought occurred to me immediately after my meditation to envision my goals from my heart chakra (anahata), not my head. But upon further contemplation, it seems likely that my second chakra, the svadhisthana (sacral) is most likely in need of cleansing, balancing, since it is the sacral chakra that stores our emotions. As a rule, if one chakra is dysfunctional, it also effects the other chakras, like my fourth chakra, anahata (heart) for example. A dysfunctioning heart chakra could then be effecting my sixth chakra, ajana (forehead) which is connected to our vision.

Chakra Medicine: I prescribed myself a complete chakra cleansing and clearing treatment on all 7 chakras (similar to Reiki), just to be sure and also to invoke a kundalini awakening. The treatment was powerful. I literally felt energy congestion and intense energy release jolt through my body during my treatment on the second, third and fourth chakras.

Thanks for following my journey 😉


P. Krishna

Following My Bliss 🧘‍♀️

My fascination for understanding universal laws of success began back in my late teens early twenties. My desire to be successful was the driving force behind my insatiable appetite for knowledge on how the mind works. I believe my desire to understand how it all works, the mind, the universe the flow of wealth and abundance is what led me to choose psychology as my undergraduate major. I  soon changed my major to computer network technology and ultimately accounting and finance on my quest for attaining material riches before dropping out all together under the sneaking suspicion that a traditional college education just wasn’t the way to following my bliss.

By 25, in my impatience to succeed, along with the endless cycle of monthly bills weighing me down,  I pursued fast money in the adult entertainment industry which led to a heavy drinking problem I would not get a grip on til nearly 15 years later.  But in the midst of my recovery from my drink problem I embraced yoga and meditation. I became an avid reader of spiritual, self-help books which eventually led to my discovery of the law of attraction during my humbling transition out the adult business into network marketing. The fast money slowly turned into no-money and eventually homelessness.

At 38, I regrouped, left Atlanta and moved back home to Ohio to start over again, this time closer to my family. Figured I’d need their moral support. In time I felt my life growing stale again, working a normal 9 to 5 that barely paid the bills. I knew I had to do something different if I wanted things to change, but I was in a place of mental stuckness again and feeling very unclear about which way to go. Before I knew it, I’d lost my job spreading myself too thin between work and mlm and backslid into the adult business yet again. I was 40 by now and beginning to panic at the thought of dying broke and alone never having realized my dreams which at this time was simply to build a 6 figure business and be able to support my children who were now living with their aging grand mother.

I started listening to every self development audio book that was recommended to me by a new millionaire mentor I’d stumbled across on youtube not long ago. I began to get fired up about my goals again in a way I haven’t felt but once in my life a year ago and wrote them down on paper like Napoleon Hill suggested. I began reading them aloud a dozen times today; I read it first thing in the morning upon opening my eyes and they were the last words I read just before retiring to bed last night.

As I write this, my level of clarity and focus is back in full effect. This was literally day 1 of redefining my Definite Statement of Purpose and reading it out loud today. I am meditating every morning again. I have been keeping a daily track record of how I spend my time so I can eliminate waste, or ‘cut the fat’ as Tim Ferris put it (The Four Hour Work Week). I learned an invaluable lesson this last time around my 90 day game plan about sharing my dreams with dream killers. I will not utter my goals out loud to a single soul until my burning desire is ignited into a burning obsession that can not be stopped. I will keep that flame of desire burning all the way to my subconscious mind until it consumes every fiber of my being as it is now beginning to manifest itself into my physical possession. Just know that my burning desire for … never mind…

move in silence …

Just know that until the day comes that we get to wake up, willingly leap out of bed, genuinely excited about the day’s work we get to put in on our dream project of our own creation, we are not yet truly following our bliss. If I could go back and do it all again, as long as I get to wake up at 6:30 in the morning leaping out of bed with the same excitement I’m beginning to feel bubbling over in my spirit right now -which is precisely how I plan on waking up in about 7.5 hours… I wouldn’t change a thing.

Change; Focus; Super Woman; Good hair

Woke at 4:30 this morning, was back from my morning run by 6am to work on my sales funnel and was the first person in the office today, even after stopping by Kroger on my way to recycle all my recyclables!

I’m having an exceptionally great hair day as well. I read from the book of Isaiah this morning after posting another awesome podcast episode on my new Rabbit Hole podcast channel with Anchor app.

Talk about focus! Now I’m blogging from my smart phone in my office while sitting Indian style on my office floor for a quick sitting meditation.

Ive seeking this kind of focus for almost a year now! Not sure what is going on here, but I’m loving every bit

This is usually the point where I lose focus by shifting my focus on a new relationship.

Not gonna happen this time. I promised myself the next time I managed to get back in this super woman space I’m staying here for an eternity …

well …

until I have my first $10k month.

Perhaps it’s the sunshine …

or a bipolar mood swing, (yes I really am bipolar)

perhaps it’s the NRG supplements I ordered from TLC 2 weeks ago …

Perhaps it was my 2 new affirmations I created this morning :

“I am somebody worth knowing!”

“I have a message worth sharing!”

Perhaps it’s because I’m having such a good hair day 😉

Or maybe it’s because I unplugged from social media this weekend and allow d myself to continue to build forward momentum …

Maybe seeing my jewels this weekend and surprising them and my mother with a large pizza and a little spending cash “just because” has me feeling so good!

I’ve even considered that post I made last night that received over 100 likes this am being responsible (doubt it though)

Either way, I’m on my way to my first 10k month with the best home based business opportunity in North America and Canada!

Plus I’m designing some really cool coaching programs for $47 that I’m going to offer for $7, just because I am finally embracing the number 7!

Free of course for those who sign up

Weird thing is I’ve loved the number 6 my whole life and not sure why … it is my obsession … may bc I was born 3/16

Anyways … yesterday I had a breakthrough and was able to create a 7 week e-course template for $7 as a bump up (OTO) one time offer in my new funnel !

6 is the number of days it took Elyhym to create the world and He rested on day 7. So 7 represents completion.

I’ve hated the number 7 my whole life with a passion for no reason, until now

Perhaps that is why I tend to start things and never finish (light bulb moment)

There is some thing to be said about embracing change

“For things to change, you’ve got to change.” -Jim Rohn

I encourage you to find a small area where you can embrace change.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes”



Blogging, Coffee, Push-Notifications & the Matrix

While making a Saturday morning fresh pot of coffee, I had this moment of clarity (sips coffee)

It helped me to appreciate the value of setting boundaries and limitations with activities that hinder my personal growth and peak performance abilities

Including and especially my social media activity (sips coffee).

I realized when I grabbed two of my phones for my morning run just two hours earlier, (one for music and one for wifi) just how problematic my addiction to social media had become.

After all, I’m only gone for 20- 30 minutes tops for my 2 mile run every morning. What is the big deal why I felt the need to bring along my 2nd phone with wifi, just incase I felt like posting a video, or checking to see if I had any new notifications?

My Inner Self told me there was nothing in that phone that was more important than working on my own dreams. There is nothing more exciting in that phone than the awesome projects I get to work on on my day off today. And that is exactly how I learned to see things today.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr Wayne Dyer

No longer will I check my phone, mindlessly scrolling through other peoples’ lives while neglecting my own. (sips coffee)

So back to this morning’s epiphany while making my coffee… I suddenly realized the root of my problem of lack of focus and inability to concentrate for longer than 5 minutes.

As a society, our minds are always way over stimulated with all the social media app push notifications features constantly screaming for our attention 24/7, no matter what time of day or night, rather at work or with family or even while sleeping in the middle of the night

Push Notifications, Be Gone!

The only logical solution to my problem was to turn OFF the push notification features, PERMANENTLY. And that is what I attempted to do (sips coffee) …

Until realizing there is no way to completely turn off push notifications.

Now I’m forced to either log out or remove my fb app entirely to avoid these “time stealing, concentration blocking” push notifications that just won’t seem to go away!.

FYI- logging out of fb does stop push notifications but you still get distracted with the regular notifications every time you view your home screen. So I took it a step further after logging out and removed the app from my home screen. Jeesh!

Considering the hundreds or even thousands in some cases of pages we follow on line, I realized today that one can never possibly keep up with every detail of everyone’s social media life (nor is it healthy to even try) and still be great. We have to select and chose 1.

We can either be informed of every little detail in everyone else’s social media life, or we may discipline ourselves to stop scrolling, unplug from the matrix, and Be Great. What a moment of clarity!

This epiphany got me to realizing just how much the world is truly becoming just like the 1999 hit film, The Matrix on so many levels. On one hand we are practically turning into vegetable-brain-like zombies in real life living vicariously through social media pics, while on the other fitting somewhere into the 3 categories of social media;

  • (1) super stars,
  • (2) those trying to become superstars, or
  • (3) silent watchers.

I’ve therefore decided to stay off of social media on the weekends, unless working and to only use my social media platforms for growing my business.

Weekends will be devoted shabbat, bible study, catching up with work and connecting with family.

Unplugging from The Matrix

The over stimulation is more than I can handle any more. This lack of concentration has been going on for months now, while I literally black out for hours scrolling through dozens of social media posts that do nothing to serve me or move me any closer to my goals and vision. (sips coffee;)

Slow Down & Taste the Coffee

This is some really good coffee by the way. I never would have taken the time to notice had I been caught up in another 3 hour block-out on social media

Nor would I have gotten my blog post done for the week.

I enjoy sipping coffee and blogging Saturday mornings, even if just for the love of it; so from now on this is how I will spend my Saturday mornings — instead of scrolling through social media (sips coffee with satisfaction).

Thanks for reading 😉



A Gentle Reminder …

Yesterday I ran into a woman who told me I’m supposed to go back to my high school and mentor the youth …

Her words were just what I needed to re-light my fire for speaking

When you know you are called to do something and you’re not answering that call,

The universe will send gentle reminders to bump you along the path of your destiny

The only mentor I remember coming to speak at my school when I was 16 is ReRun from What’s Happening?

(Yes, the chubby guy with the suspenders)

If he left a lasting impression on me about telling those you love that you love them (like now, today) from over 20 years ago,

I still remember telling practical strangers I loved them for the first time and feeling weird about it…

To this day I tell practical strangers I love them and no longer feel weird about it

Just think what impression a message about self-love, entrepreneurship or spiritual self-development could have on a youthful crowd for the next 20 + years …

If God has called you to speak and you still have not answered the call, you are wasting your gifts

You are herby being called to greatness from the universe

Consider this a gentle reminder to get that speaking engagement proposal done and out to 20 schools by next week. ❤️



Booking inquiries: admin@parisarmani.com

All Things Are Possible

So I crushed it this morning…. woke at 4:30am and snoozed til 4:45am. I laid my gym gear on the floor near my bed to remind me to get up and get dressed for gym by 5am. Made it down to the gym about 5:30am and got in a 20 min cardio work out plus 4 minute cool down.  I listened to Dale Calvert podcast Your First Year in Network Marketing on the treadmill while both both kicking myself for not having came across this content sooner and thanking God that I came across it yesterday.

I recall multi millionaire Stormy Wellington last week naming this book on her facebook live as one of the few pivotal books in her library that contributed to her massive success in network marketing, and for some reason this book stuck. Not sure what made me decide to type in network marketing yesterday morning in the Anchor podcast app but so glad I did. The truth of what Dale is saying about our industry of network marketing resonates deeply with me. I’m going to continue feeding my mind this wisdom of the ages over the next several weeks and plan on enrolling in his course as soon as possible.

In the mean time I’m trying my best to not waste time on imagining where I could be right now had my early sponsor recommended this book/audio  to me 4 years ago. I am like a sponge this morning, absorbing everything Dale is pouring into me. I experienced a paradigm shift this morning about success in the network marketing industry. I now understand the difference between a pinnacle leader, and the four layers of leadership and a non-duplicatable leader. I made the mistake of joining a non-duplicatable leader. This changes everything. I understand that systems are what duplicate, not people. This was a big ‘A-ha’ moment for me. I believe I will require anyone on my team to take this course as well.

If you would like to join my team comment ‘info’ so we can chat. The MLM industry is still a great industry with the best business model in the world for time and financial freedom. If you come in for the first time you are fortunate to be part of my leadership that follows the traditional success model duplication. If you are returning to the industry the same applies. 70% of people will die broke no matter what you do. The top 3% are non-duplicatable.  it is the other 27% of average people with above average desires that I interested in developing into leaders in my team.

Notice I said “develop,” not “find leaders.” This was intentional because the one does not build an successful organization in MLM with the same mindset he/she has when entering the industry. That mindset of a leader has to be developed. Dale Calvert helped me to realize that the MLM industry was originally, and still is an industry of leadership development which for some reason excites me a whole lot more than just earning some extra money. I guess this is what a great leader does. They restore hope in the industry and personal belief in oneself after a negative experience that may have robbed one of these fundamental elements of attracting prospects to you and your opportunity. And this is what I aim to do with the writing of this blog. To the 27 percent reading this right now, it is no coincidence that we are crossing paths. I urge you to connect with me on my journey to time and financial freedom. The dream never dies. We do inside when we give up hope and belief in what’s possible for ourselves. I stopped by today to restore that lost hope and belief yourself today with this passage from the book of Mark, “all things are possible to those who believe. (Mark 9:23)”

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Law of Attraction Caveat – Stop Doing This …

I talk about the Law of Attraction a lot in my book, 6 figure Mindset Coach, because of my child like fascination with it I suppose.  It would therefor be remiss of me to omit the one caveat to this law. The one caveat to the law of attraction is that this this law is to never be superimposed upon another to their demise. You can’t use the law of attraction as some sort of black magical, evil spell to ruin someone’s life because you’re jealous of them or they did you wrong, or whatever the reason. Karma rewards evil doers with an equivalent punishment of the wrong doers deeds. Karma will hunt those down who willfully do evil.

To even attempt to mis-use this law or any universal law would reap havoc upon the imposer.   In fact Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret  made it impeccably clear that one should only use the law of attraction on themselves and never attempt to interfere with others’ lives. The way the law of attraction works is non-discerning. In other words, the law doesn’t attempt to determine who one may be wishing ill intent towards.  It just does its thing: What ever you think about most you attract. So if one is wishing loss or failure upon another,  that negative energy goes out into the universe and boomerangs right back to its original source, the hater.

It is only up to each individual to activate the law of attraction for him or herself by controlling their own thoughts. One person cannot control another person’s thoughts. This is the one freedom that can never be taken away from man, even in captivity or on his death bed. We get to chose our thoughts and attitudes in any given situation in each and every moment.  This is why it is best to genuinely think well of ourselves and others.

There is no room for hating on others when we truly understand the implications of activating the law of attraction. Hating on another or being envious of their success is tantamount to hating on one’s self. This is why haters never succeed in life and are always envious of others. They block their own blessings initially by choosing to hate on someone one else for succeeding, instead of clapping for them in support. Hating on another for their success creates negative energy blocks within our subconscious minds. This is due to the caveat of the law of attraction. Energy blocks on the subconscious level are often difficult to identify by the one possessing the block, which merely perpetuates a vicious cycle of more negative energy blocks. This cycle will continue until the thought process changes. But unless or until something changes– nothing changes.

As you can see, negative energy blocks are not permanent at all. They are simply being well maintained and regenerated over and over again by the same negative thought patterns. This is the law of attraction at work, attracting more things to hate and more negative energy blocks. This means the same would hold true in reverse. For example, the moment one stops thinking hateful thoughts towards others, and is genuinely happy for other’s successes, the law of attraction doesn’t discern the difference between who the happy supporter is happy and supportive towards; the universe merely sends the happy celebratory thinker more things to celebrate and be happy for.

But remember the caveat, this is very important. The solution is to simply stop hating. Wishing good for others indeed comes back on you, just like hating on others comes back on you. Again, its always best to think well of yourself and others. Because although your good thoughts alone may not have power to manifest good in other’s lives if they have negative energy blocks of their own, good will come back to you. The law of attraction will boomerang that good energy right back to you the positive thinker, and perpetuate good success back to you over and over again. You will manifest an increasing flow of abundance on a subconscious level by thinking positive towards yourself and others. This flow of abundance will be well maintained and regenerated over and over again by the law of attraction sending more and more things to clap for and be grateful for to you — the one  holding the key to your own power and prosperity.

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Mental Muscle

When it comes to doing IPA (Income Producing Activities) I often feel like I do when at the gym and it’s time to do some squats or straight-leg raises for a kick-ass lower ab work out. Deep down inside I know that these two exercises which also happen to be the most painful to me will do more to sculpt my body in my trouble areas than any other exercise. The irony is that the most powerful result-producing activities/exercises I should be doing at the gym are what I least desire to do; yet I somehow manage to desire the most powerful results, a 6 pack 22 in waist with a round perfectly sculpted 36 booty. Well, if you’ve ever worked out at the gym for an extended period of time, then I’m sure you know like I know that the body just doesn’t work that way– in fact, neither does life or business.

We often want to make the most money by doing the least income-producing activities in our business most; like posting a lifestyle post on Instagram or Facebook, then expecting the floodgates of conversions and 5 figure months to come hurling in. When I say least income producing activities, this is not to negate the intrinsic value in sharing a lifestyle post with your followers, but a lifestyle post alone isn’t going to hurl in instant conversions and 5 figure months for the most part. Or how about always posting positive quotes and memes but never following up with warm prospects to convert them to paying customers out of fear of rejection? We’ve all been there. We’d rather do the light weight stuff, like walking on the treadmill to tone our legs rather than grabbing those 15 pound dumb-bells and really going in on burning and sweating those thighs and gluts out with 3 sets of painful squats. As the saying goes, ‘No pain no gain.’

Successful entrepreneurs start their day going straight for the highest IPA they can muster, rather than procrastinating and messing around with checking email, scrolling through facebook for 3 hours or organizing files. Successful people go straight for the jugular upon awakening. In other words, immediately after a 60 minute morning ritual, successful people tackle their day by ‘eating the bull-frog first‘. Eat the bull-frog first is an expression, referencing the high-rewarding notion of getting the most uncomfortable, anxiety-producing task of the day out of the way early, which is tantamount to eating your vegetables, most gross thing on your plate first, so that the rest of the day then becomes smooth sailing. You’re no longer walking around with tension and anxiety in your belly all day while procrastinating the inevitable uncomfortable IPAs you know needs to be done. So you just dive in, eating that ugly, hairy bullfrog on your plate, or making that first phone call of the day to a warm prospect. When you begin to tackle the critical tasks of your day early, by noon for example the rewards are endless.

For one, you will be making more money than you’ve ever made before, just as you would be losing more weight than you’ve ever lost before. And once you become an expert at making more money or losing more weight than the average, your confidence will soar to new levels you never knew were possible for you. The ripple effect of these two factors alone, will transform you into a success magnet. Suddenly those painful activities will feel a lot less painful when you begin to see daily double and triple digit deposits in your accounts.

Self-Development Exercise:
Keep a picture of a bullfrog tape to a wall of your home office where you will see it first thing in the morning when you rise as a daily reminder to eat the bull frog first. By the law of compensation, law of belief, law of harvest, law of averages, law of attraction, law of inertia, law of cause and effect you will begin to attract the desired results in your business. I talk about these spiritual Universal laws in my book, 6 Figure Mindset coach: Change Your Philosophies, Change Your Life which you may now order at www.parisarmani.com, www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com in print and Kindle editions.

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5 AM Hustle: Morning Ritual

So I woke up at 5 am and as usual got sucked into the 3 hour social media black-out. In other words I clicked on a Facebook notification and 3 hours later, 8:01 am to be exact I’m at my laptop, coffee mug in hand ready to crank out this week’s 2nd blog post. My laptop is slow as molasses so I can never quite get on and off in 15 minutes like I initially plan, so today I’m calling myself out. i even missed my 45 min morning work-out. I’ve made a decision to purchase a new 8 GB laptop computer on my next pay day to end these 3 hour black-outs once and for all. It’s time to invest in my craft. 5 am is the optimum time for me to start my day in order to master peak performance. I have no time to loose on a crappy computer. The good news is it’s only Tuesday and this is my 2nd blog post for the week, which means I’m right on tract. I’ll definitely be done writing, editing and revising this piece within the next 2 to 3 days, but I absolutely refuse to crank out garbage content anymore for the sake of posting every day and every where. Greatness can’t always be rushed into a day.

So I’ve decided to share a few tips on how I usually wake up, hit the gym at 5 AM, and still manage to get in 90 mins of blog time. Yes I realize you’re not supposed to begin a sentence with “so” but this is one of my idiosyncrasies that help me speak more authentically in the voice in my head, so this is how it’s going down. Let’s dive into these tips.

Tip One: 30 Minute Alarm Trick
My first tip for waking up at 5 AM is to set your alarm 30 mins before 5 AM or the desired time you want to wake up.This is to allow you time to mentally wake up, scrolling through Facebook and basically just being wasteful with your time. You don’t want to waste any time after the 30 minutes of “free-time’ your give yourself.

Tip Two: Mind Over Matter
My second tip is to wake up your mind first, before your body. This is crucial to waking up at ridiculous hours of the morning, and actually staying awake during those first 15 critical minutes of the day. It’s said that the first hour of the day determines if we win the full 24 hours of the day. Well I find it to be equally true that the first 15 minutes determine if we win the first hour of the day.

Tip Three: Create a Morning Ritual
My third tip for waking up at 5 AM is to create a morning ritual using the SAVERS method:

S: 5 mins of Silence
A: 5 mins of Affirmations
V: 5 mins of Visualizations
E: 20 mins of Exercise
R: 20 mins of Reading
S: 5 mins of Scripting/ Journaling

Having a bedtime routine is equally important. I like to meditate 30 minutes before bed, then plan my next day by filling in my weekly planner in 90 minute blocks.

Be sure to be consistent no matter how boring it gets. As you develop the habits of the successful you will begin to reap the rewards of the successful and suddenly boring won’t seem so boring anymore when you start seeing those three digit deposits (okay 2 digit… 2 digit deposits for me but they add up to three digits) hitting your accounts. Just don’t give up before you start seeing results. The funny thing about doubt is that it often trips people up into quitting right when success is withing reach. Just stay focused on doing the one-two step, a concept I talk about in my book, 6 Figure Mindset Coach: Change Your Philosophies, Change Your Life

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Don’t Die Afraid

So I really struggled with cranking out that last blog post. It took 3 or 4 writing sessions of writer’s block, revising and editing, before publishing but I made a promise to myself that I would be more consistent with my blogging. As writers we can sometimes paralyze ourselves trying to write the perfect blog, article, the perfect chapter, or conclusion to an already great piece that we judge ourselves way too harshly, and the end result of course is no blog post for the week. As a professional blogger I live by the philosophy that it’s better to have tried and failed early enough to get back up than it is to have never tried at all. In the end, at our funerals when it’s all said and done I’d rather leave this earth knowing that I took the leap of faith when it counted, even when it meant falling flat on my face a few times than to leave here knowing that I played it safe on the edge of the cliff my whole life, afraid to jump. If we really get honest with ourselves, I don’t think any of us wants to die afraid. In fact, nothing scares me more than the thought of dying afraid.

Sometimes a short but powerful piece can go a lot farther to inspire the reader to action, than a long dragged out full-of-fluff piece ever will.

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