Why Do We Get Stuck? …

Getting stuck in life and in business can be challenging to overcome for all, especially entrepreneurs who are often faced with these challenges alone. The best way to combat this obstacle is to have a tool kit of different mind hack tricks you can turn to in your time of need. I’ve put together a list of seven sure fire ways to rocket launch your focus  and level of execution back into fifth gear whenever your mind, body and spirit are overly weighed down with mental lethargy and fatigue so you can get back to crushing your goals like the bad-ass you know you are.

Before we dive in to tip number one I want to explore some of the preventative causes of mental ‘stuckness,’ because as the adage goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Imagine  yourself on an ideal day of crushing it: You wake up before sunrise, you didn’t hit the snooze; you got in your morning workout; you spoke your most powerful affirmations into existence and wallah! The crushing it continues throughout the remainder of your day. You know exactly how your going to spend your day because you remembered to fill in your planner then night before. You time blocked two hours of finishing your book before work. Another hour time blocked for writing your next blog when you get off work. You made sure you time blocked hours for your shooting and producing your next bad ass YouTube video or podcast episode and that new audio book you’ve been listening to has shifted your mindset about everything you thought you knew about high performance habits so much so that you’re you’ve already began implementing the new habit of focusing most your time and energy on only those prolific quality output activities.

You feel so unstoppable that you add a new project to your plate, and not just any project, but a huge project that has you spending all your time researching how to bring it into fruition like a power house women’s conference in Atlanta with all your favorite high-profile speakers like Lisa Nichols, Marie Floreo and the Spirit Junkie Gabby Bernstein – mistake number 1. Before you know it, you’ve hit a brick wall. You experience absolute burn out and exhaustion. The thought of going back to your current projects you’ve been working on seem dull and unexciting all of a sudden for some reason. You realize you are missing some resources to pull off that next big project but you’ve lost your enthusiasm for the old projects. What’s a boy, or gal to do you wonder? You wonder all day that day, meanwhile scrolling through facebook and instagram – mistake number 2. Before you know you’re comparing yourself to other high performers absolutely crushing it on social media- mistake number 3. You begin to feel like a small and unsignificant fish in a big pod compared to all those other big sharks. You start questioning your entire life purpose, second guessing yourself, your calling, your choice of mate, even the food you eat. What an undisciplined looser I am for eating that bag of Doritos at work today or late night.

By now you realize you’ve procrastinated on your goals, while watching every one else excel right by you over the last three days. You decide your going to stop feeling sorry for yourself and kick back into fifth gear, but the thing is, you can’t. You are stuck. Stuck feeling sorry for yourself. Stuck watching everyone around you. Stuck judging yourself. Stuck eating peanut m&ms or smoking a half pack of cigarettes in one sitting. You’ll get back to work tomorrow you lie to yourself, But in the meantime, you need a small escape form the harsh realities of life so you escape in front of the tv. Before you know it, your hooked on a particular televison program, and you simply have to get caught up on the whole series. It’s just the escape you needed, until the pressure mingled with that familiar feeling self disgust and retribution that too often follow a extended period of stagnation on your goals.

Any day now you tell yourself, you can feel your momentum coming back. Any hour now your tell yourself two days later. Any moment now You rationalize with yourself later that night. I’m so close to ‘feeling like’ working on my goals I can just taste it. Any second now you tell yourself the next day. Any second now, you tell yourself later that night. Suddenly the hard and ugly truth dawns on you. This feeling of almost feeling like i could go on forever and ever. So you finally tough it up and tell yourself you don’t give a damn rather you feel like it or not, the pain of staying the same is too great a pain then just diving back in and crushing it again. Come tomorrow morning, rather you feel like it or not you’re crushing your goals for the week! But by now, you’ve forgotten what those goals are. Your vision is just a wee bit fuzzy. There’s nobody there to remind you either, because by now you’ve learned better than to go blabbering off to just any and everybody about your multi-millionaire ideas.  You know they’d laugh you all the way back to playing small again in your tiny corner cubicle.

Suddenly, you remembered why you got started. You remember how sick and tired you are at playing small in that tine corner cubicle. You remember a powerful quote from the last book you read that caused that mindset shift just before you quit your last job. You start remembering all the life transforming words from the thousands of pages you’ve read in life transforming books over the last decade from all your favorite authors. You begin feeling your confidence rise as you stroll over to your book case to grab that new inspiring unfinished  book you started reading a couple weeks ago. You flip it open to the bookmark in the middle of the book, as you skim through the pages containing all your colorful highlights. And there it is, that powerful quote that catapulted you on your current journey, in a yellow highlight. It reads: “Success is what you attract by the person you become.” You continue reading where you left off, and can’t put the book down. Your highlighting and underlining and before you know it, your back in the zone -your zone of greatness!

Just then, the Ruach whispers ‘Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.’ You hear the voice of the Ruach and you remember the greatness that is within you. You affirm it out loud. You go through your series of powerful affirmations with as much conviction as you can muster. You grab a pen and your planner and begin filling in your day PQO (Prolific Quality Output) activities. You’re feeling so inspired that you jot down a few insights and as the inspiration keeps flowing you jot down bullet points. Before you know it, you’re on a facebook live sharing the inspiration with your followers. Nothing can stop you now. You don’t know how you ever got stuck in the first place but your feeling so alive now that the little down time you experienced trying to get unstuck no longer bothers you, because now you’re back soaring so high towards your goals  that this time you’re convinced, nothing can bring you down, that is, until you come down again. And the cycle continues. (Subscribe to receive my next blog post on the 3 common mistakes that lead to getting stuck and how to avoid)

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