Principle of Going the Extra Mile

I love working in property management… every day I’m faced with new challenges, meeting deadlines,
opportunities to implore problem solving skills, the need to lead a team, to supervise and make them feel heard, understood, and appreciated
to handle emergency maintenance requests, welcome new members to the team, dismiss new members from the team,
to have an unplanned team meetings when everybody’s gathered to introduce new company polices and procedures
to motivate and inspire my team to go the extra mile when they would normally quit,
to build rapport with company vendors, property inspectors and housing specialists
to take initiative with on the spot decisions and take quick and decisive action
to treat all people with dignity and respect, even when they are hostile towards me, or undeserving, to never take anything personal
the opportunity to welcome a new family to their new home as I hand them their key
and lastly the opportunity to take a 20 year old real estate company from a negative networth balance a step closer every day to breaking even.
My boss’ words last week, brought a smile to my face on my way out to the door… “I’m finally beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. This company has potential.”
I practice the principle of going the extra mile on my job and on my personal goals, a principle I talk about in my new book Change Your Philosophies Change Your Life. As a result we passed 3 inspections last week and closed leases on 3 new homes!. Book now available at paris armani dot com. Stay tuned for my upcoming workshop … #BuildingAnOnlineBusinessOnABudget #ZoomWebinar
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Author: parisarmani

Paris Armani is a spiritual self-development coach, best selling author and transformational speaker. Her company's Vision-10K is to help inspire 10,000 spiritual entrepreneurs to play full out on their entrepreneurial spirit.

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