Shoulders of Giants


Clarity is such a powerful thing


Ask and it shall be given

Seek and yes shall find

Knock and it shall be opened unto thee

So finally, you have clarity !

This was no easy task … it took more than half your life to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing

But just when you thought your biggest challenge was over, now you feel lost.

But how does one get lost when they know where you’re going you ask?

Most likely it is bc they’ve never been where they’re destined to go

Yikes! Talk about scary …

Being scared isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

As the world famous quote goes, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”

But the good news is that if you’re resourceful enough to find a good map and are capable follow directions, eventually you’ll arrive to that place called destiny.

But if you for what ever reason you have no access to a good map …What works just as good as finding your own map is that if you’re not afraid to tap the right person on the shoulder with a good map, and ask them which way from here,

Even if they do not give you the whole map, but they are willing to at least point which way from here,

just keep journeying til u reach your next milestone and tap the next right person on the shoulder,

The worse thing that could happen is that bc they have a bad map, they send the wrong way, and you actually go

so be careful who u ask,

Make certain they’ve been where you’re going, or at least are farther ahead then you

But the best thing that could happen, if you ask the right one, is that they’ll squat down and allow you to stand on their shoulders

Then, you have the power to create your own map. So don’t be afraid to approach giants

And whatever you do, don’t give up!

Keep seeking clarity… ask for directions when you feel lost, and keep on asking til you can at least identify the next milestone

Where you may ask the next guide, or mentor to point you in the direction of your final destination

This is is why it helps to first know where you’re going … continue to seek clarity if you are still unclear about your purpose

As long as you maintain the attitude, conviction and mindset of never giving up, eventually you will arrive to that place called purpose.


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Author: parisarmani

Paris Armani is a spiritual self-development coach, best selling author and transformational speaker. Her company's Vision-10K is to help inspire 10,000 spiritual entrepreneurs to play full out on their entrepreneurial spirit.

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