3 Tips for Growing Your Network Marketing Biz

It’s been a long day and I’ve wasted an entire 3-hour time-block catching up on love & hip hop, RHOA and Faith Under Fire starring Toni Braxton on wwww.MrWorldPremiere.tv. I’ve done so well over the last several months dis-engaging from these guilty pleasures that I felt it was time for a 3 hour purge. This blog post is a follow up to a Facebook live-stream I posted earlier today on 3 tips for growing your network marketing biz. It’s getting late so so let’s just dive right in.

Tip 1- Law of Averages

The first tip to growing your network marketing biz is to know your numbers. For example I gained 100 new leads today from 1 promotional post I did today. Of those 100 people who liked, commented or shared my post 5 people signed up. My ratio is 100:5. In other words it will take approximately 20 new exposures to get 1 new sign up. So my conversion rate is 5%. This number tells me so much about my projected income and the required level of IPO activities I will need to do in order to reach my financial goals. Knowing your numbers helps you with clarity with goal setting in a major way. Having clarity is everything.

Tip 2- Be consistent

The 2nd tip is to be consistent, no matter what. Time management is everything with blogging. I could write a whole series on this. Being consistent in your blog or business is the number 1 key ingredient required for success. It is extremely challenging for me to write or blog when I don’t feel like it, like right now. So what I’m learning to do to be more consistent is schedule 90 minute time-blocks daily to work on my blog. This way, I’m focused on putting in the time rather than creating content or finishing a perfect blog which can both be mentally draining. My time-management goal is to schedule 2 90 minute blocks per day so I may put in 3 hours of honing my craft per day. That’s 15 hours during the week plus pretty much my entire weekend, another 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday for a total 39 hours per week I work on my self and my business. The best incentive I have for advising new writers to write daily is so that you become someone worth becoming in the process.

Tip 3- Posture

My third tip is to be aware of your posture. Posture is everything. Nothing else will matter if you don’t hold the posture of a self-confident business owner and one who has self-belief because no one will want to join you otherwise. People join people, not businesses. Your belief in your own ability to make a living in sales will translate into more sales of lack of sales. There are two types of people I’ve worked with in network marketing. The first type is the type that believes in them self. They always seem to be progressing in what ever it is they do. Because they believe in themselves, they tend to get what they want. And the other type of person I encounter in network marketing is the type that lacks belief in them themselves. No matter how much you try and pour into these self-doubting types, they remain paralyzed in their business and never seem to quite develop the necessary belief in themselves to get over the learning curve because they refuse to put in the work. They instead procrastinate til infinity because sub-consciously they don’t believe success is possible for them– so they get just what they believe– notta

Building a successful network marketing business boils down to self-development. Your profits will always grow in direct proportion to how much your mind grows, hence think & grow rich. Those who reach the greatest heights of success in network marketing are those who work harder on themselves than they do their business; they are those who are continuously growing their mind; those who are heavy consumers of information, I’m talking those reading 50 books per year. In order to grow your mind you must go back and forth from learned knowledge and activity knowledge (repeat). Knowing your closing ratio, tip 1, is fundamental to tracking your personal growth & development. Set numeric goals and crush them daily. Consistency, tip 2, will ensure your personal growth and development. Good posture, tip 3, is a bi-product of tips 1 and 2, but good old-fashioned belief in yourself is the ultimate antidote for poor posture.

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