Law of Attraction Caveat – Stop Doing This …

I talk about the Law of Attraction a lot in my book, 6 figure Mindset Coach, because of my child like fascination with it I suppose.  It would therefor be remiss of me to omit the one caveat to this law. The one caveat to the law of attraction is that this this law is to never be superimposed upon another to their demise. You can’t use the law of attraction as some sort of black magical, evil spell to ruin someone’s life because you’re jealous of them or they did you wrong, or whatever the reason. Karma rewards evil doers with an equivalent punishment of the wrong doers deeds. Karma will hunt those down who willfully do evil.

To even attempt to mis-use this law or any universal law would reap havoc upon the imposer.   In fact Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret  made it impeccably clear that one should only use the law of attraction on themselves and never attempt to interfere with others’ lives. The way the law of attraction works is non-discerning. In other words, the law doesn’t attempt to determine who one may be wishing ill intent towards.  It just does its thing: What ever you think about most you attract. So if one is wishing loss or failure upon another,  that negative energy goes out into the universe and boomerangs right back to its original source, the hater.

It is only up to each individual to activate the law of attraction for him or herself by controlling their own thoughts. One person cannot control another person’s thoughts. This is the one freedom that can never be taken away from man, even in captivity or on his death bed. We get to chose our thoughts and attitudes in any given situation in each and every moment.  This is why it is best to genuinely think well of ourselves and others.

There is no room for hating on others when we truly understand the implications of activating the law of attraction. Hating on another or being envious of their success is tantamount to hating on one’s self. This is why haters never succeed in life and are always envious of others. They block their own blessings initially by choosing to hate on someone one else for succeeding, instead of clapping for them in support. Hating on another for their success creates negative energy blocks within our subconscious minds. This is due to the caveat of the law of attraction. Energy blocks on the subconscious level are often difficult to identify by the one possessing the block, which merely perpetuates a vicious cycle of more negative energy blocks. This cycle will continue until the thought process changes. But unless or until something changes– nothing changes.

As you can see, negative energy blocks are not permanent at all. They are simply being well maintained and regenerated over and over again by the same negative thought patterns. This is the law of attraction at work, attracting more things to hate and more negative energy blocks. This means the same would hold true in reverse. For example, the moment one stops thinking hateful thoughts towards others, and is genuinely happy for other’s successes, the law of attraction doesn’t discern the difference between who the happy supporter is happy and supportive towards; the universe merely sends the happy celebratory thinker more things to celebrate and be happy for.

But remember the caveat, this is very important. The solution is to simply stop hating. Wishing good for others indeed comes back on you, just like hating on others comes back on you. Again, its always best to think well of yourself and others. Because although your good thoughts alone may not have power to manifest good in other’s lives if they have negative energy blocks of their own, good will come back to you. The law of attraction will boomerang that good energy right back to you the positive thinker, and perpetuate good success back to you over and over again. You will manifest an increasing flow of abundance on a subconscious level by thinking positive towards yourself and others. This flow of abundance will be well maintained and regenerated over and over again by the law of attraction sending more and more things to clap for and be grateful for to you — the one  holding the key to your own power and prosperity.

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