All Things Are Possible

So I crushed it this morning…. woke at 4:30am and snoozed til 4:45am. I laid my gym gear on the floor near my bed to remind me to get up and get dressed for gym by 5am. Made it down to the gym about 5:30am and got in a 20 min cardio work out plus 4 minute cool down.  I listened to Dale Calvert podcast Your First Year in Network Marketing on the treadmill while both both kicking myself for not having came across this content sooner and thanking God that I came across it yesterday.

I recall multi millionaire Stormy Wellington last week naming this book on her facebook live as one of the few pivotal books in her library that contributed to her massive success in network marketing, and for some reason this book stuck. Not sure what made me decide to type in network marketing yesterday morning in the Anchor podcast app but so glad I did. The truth of what Dale is saying about our industry of network marketing resonates deeply with me. I’m going to continue feeding my mind this wisdom of the ages over the next several weeks and plan on enrolling in his course as soon as possible.

In the mean time I’m trying my best to not waste time on imagining where I could be right now had my early sponsor recommended this book/audio  to me 4 years ago. I am like a sponge this morning, absorbing everything Dale is pouring into me. I experienced a paradigm shift this morning about success in the network marketing industry. I now understand the difference between a pinnacle leader, and the four layers of leadership and a non-duplicatable leader. I made the mistake of joining a non-duplicatable leader. This changes everything. I understand that systems are what duplicate, not people. This was a big ‘A-ha’ moment for me. I believe I will require anyone on my team to take this course as well.

If you would like to join my team comment ‘info’ so we can chat. The MLM industry is still a great industry with the best business model in the world for time and financial freedom. If you come in for the first time you are fortunate to be part of my leadership that follows the traditional success model duplication. If you are returning to the industry the same applies. 70% of people will die broke no matter what you do. The top 3% are non-duplicatable.  it is the other 27% of average people with above average desires that I interested in developing into leaders in my team.

Notice I said “develop,” not “find leaders.” This was intentional because the one does not build an successful organization in MLM with the same mindset he/she has when entering the industry. That mindset of a leader has to be developed. Dale Calvert helped me to realize that the MLM industry was originally, and still is an industry of leadership development which for some reason excites me a whole lot more than just earning some extra money. I guess this is what a great leader does. They restore hope in the industry and personal belief in oneself after a negative experience that may have robbed one of these fundamental elements of attracting prospects to you and your opportunity. And this is what I aim to do with the writing of this blog. To the 27 percent reading this right now, it is no coincidence that we are crossing paths. I urge you to connect with me on my journey to time and financial freedom. The dream never dies. We do inside when we give up hope and belief in what’s possible for ourselves. I stopped by today to restore that lost hope and belief yourself today with this passage from the book of Mark, “all things are possible to those who believe. (Mark 9:23)”

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