A Gentle Reminder …

Yesterday I ran into a woman who told me I’m supposed to go back to my high school and mentor the youth …

Her words were just what I needed to re-light my fire for speaking

When you know you are called to do something and you’re not answering that call,

The universe will send gentle reminders to bump you along the path of your destiny

The only mentor I remember coming to speak at my school when I was 16 is ReRun from What’s Happening?

(Yes, the chubby guy with the suspenders)

If he left a lasting impression on me about telling those you love that you love them (like now, today) from over 20 years ago,

I still remember telling practical strangers I loved them for the first time and feeling weird about it…

To this day I tell practical strangers I love them and no longer feel weird about it

Just think what impression a message about self-love, entrepreneurship or spiritual self-development could have on a youthful crowd for the next 20 + years …

If God has called you to speak and you still have not answered the call, you are wasting your gifts

You are herby being called to greatness from the universe

Consider this a gentle reminder to get that speaking engagement proposal done and out to 20 schools by next week. ❤️



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Paris Armani is a spiritual self-development coach, best selling author and transformational speaker. Her company's Vision-10K is to help inspire 10,000 spiritual entrepreneurs to play full out on their entrepreneurial spirit.

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