Change; Focus; Super Woman; Good hair

Woke at 4:30 this morning, was back from my morning run by 6am to work on my sales funnel and was the first person in the office today, even after stopping by Kroger on my way to recycle all my recyclables!

I’m having an exceptionally great hair day as well. I read from the book of Isaiah this morning after posting another awesome podcast episode on my new Rabbit Hole podcast channel with Anchor app.

Talk about focus! Now I’m blogging from my smart phone in my office while sitting Indian style on my office floor for a quick sitting meditation.

Ive seeking this kind of focus for almost a year now! Not sure what is going on here, but I’m loving every bit

This is usually the point where I lose focus by shifting my focus on a new relationship.

Not gonna happen this time. I promised myself the next time I managed to get back in this super woman space I’m staying here for an eternity …

well …

until I have my first $10k month.

Perhaps it’s the sunshine …

or a bipolar mood swing, (yes I really am bipolar)

perhaps it’s the NRG supplements I ordered from TLC 2 weeks ago …

Perhaps it was my 2 new affirmations I created this morning :

“I am somebody worth knowing!”

“I have a message worth sharing!”

Perhaps it’s because I’m having such a good hair day πŸ˜‰

Or maybe it’s because I unplugged from social media this weekend and allow d myself to continue to build forward momentum …

Maybe seeing my jewels this weekend and surprising them and my mother with a large pizza and a little spending cash “just because” has me feeling so good!

I’ve even considered that post I made last night that received over 100 likes this am being responsible (doubt it though)

Either way, I’m on my way to my first 10k month with the best home based business opportunity in North America and Canada!

Plus I’m designing some really cool coaching programs for $47 that I’m going to offer for $7, just because I am finally embracing the number 7!

Free of course for those who sign up

Weird thing is I’ve loved the number 6 my whole life and not sure why … it is my obsession … may bc I was born 3/16

Anyways … yesterday I had a breakthrough and was able to create a 7 week e-course template for $7 as a bump up (OTO) one time offer in my new funnel !

6 is the number of days it took Elyhym to create the world and He rested on day 7. So 7 represents completion.

I’ve hated the number 7 my whole life with a passion for no reason, until now

Perhaps that is why I tend to start things and never finish (light bulb moment)

There is some thing to be said about embracing change

“For things to change, you’ve got to change.” -Jim Rohn

I encourage you to find a small area where you can embrace change.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes”



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Paris Armani is a spiritual self-development coach, best selling author and transformational speaker. Her company's Vision-10K is to help inspire 10,000 spiritual entrepreneurs to play full out on their entrepreneurial spirit.

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