Following My Bliss 🧘‍♀️

My fascination for understanding universal laws of success began back in my late teens early twenties. My desire to be successful was the driving force behind my insatiable appetite for knowledge on how the mind works. I believe my desire to understand how it all works, the mind, the universe the flow of wealth and abundance is what led me to choose psychology as my undergraduate major. I  soon changed my major to computer network technology and ultimately accounting and finance on my quest for attaining material riches before dropping out all together under the sneaking suspicion that a traditional college education just wasn’t the way to following my bliss.

By 25, in my impatience to succeed, along with the endless cycle of monthly bills weighing me down,  I pursued fast money in the adult entertainment industry which led to a heavy drinking problem I would not get a grip on til nearly 15 years later.  But in the midst of my recovery from my drink problem I embraced yoga and meditation. I became an avid reader of spiritual, self-help books which eventually led to my discovery of the law of attraction during my humbling transition out the adult business into network marketing. The fast money slowly turned into no-money and eventually homelessness.

At 38, I regrouped, left Atlanta and moved back home to Ohio to start over again, this time closer to my family. Figured I’d need their moral support. In time I felt my life growing stale again, working a normal 9 to 5 that barely paid the bills. I knew I had to do something different if I wanted things to change, but I was in a place of mental stuckness again and feeling very unclear about which way to go. Before I knew it, I’d lost my job spreading myself too thin between work and mlm and backslid into the adult business yet again. I was 40 by now and beginning to panic at the thought of dying broke and alone never having realized my dreams which at this time was simply to build a 6 figure business and be able to support my children who were now living with their aging grand mother.

I started listening to every self development audio book that was recommended to me by a new millionaire mentor I’d stumbled across on youtube not long ago. I began to get fired up about my goals again in a way I haven’t felt but once in my life a year ago and wrote them down on paper like Napoleon Hill suggested. I began reading them aloud a dozen times today; I read it first thing in the morning upon opening my eyes and they were the last words I read just before retiring to bed last night.

As I write this, my level of clarity and focus is back in full effect. This was literally day 1 of redefining my Definite Statement of Purpose and reading it out loud today. I am meditating every morning again. I have been keeping a daily track record of how I spend my time so I can eliminate waste, or ‘cut the fat’ as Tim Ferris put it (The Four Hour Work Week). I learned an invaluable lesson this last time around my 90 day game plan about sharing my dreams with dream killers. I will not utter my goals out loud to a single soul until my burning desire is ignited into a burning obsession that can not be stopped. I will keep that flame of desire burning all the way to my subconscious mind until it consumes every fiber of my being as it is now beginning to manifest itself into my physical possession. Just know that my burning desire for … never mind…

move in silence …

Just know that until the day comes that we get to wake up, willingly leap out of bed, genuinely excited about the day’s work we get to put in on our dream project of our own creation, we are not yet truly following our bliss. If I could go back and do it all again, as long as I get to wake up at 6:30 in the morning leaping out of bed with the same excitement I’m beginning to feel bubbling over in my spirit right now -which is precisely how I plan on waking up in about 7.5 hours… I wouldn’t change a thing.

Author: parisarmani

Paris Armani is a spiritual self-development coach, best selling author and transformational speaker. Her company's Vision-10K is to help inspire 10,000 spiritual entrepreneurs to play full out on their entrepreneurial spirit.

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