3 Tips for Growing Your Network Marketing Biz

It’s been a long day and I’ve wasted an entire 3-hour time-block catching up on love & hip hop, RHOA and Faith Under Fire starring Toni Braxton on wwww.MrWorldPremiere.tv. I’ve done so well over the last several months dis-engaging from these guilty pleasures that I felt it was time for a 3 hour purge. This blog post is a follow up to a Facebook live-stream I posted earlier today on 3 tips for growing your network marketing biz. It’s getting late so so let’s just dive right in.

Tip 1- Law of Averages

The first tip to growing your network marketing biz is to know your numbers. For example I gained 100 new leads today from 1 promotional post I did today. Of those 100 people who liked, commented or shared my post 5 people signed up. My ratio is 100:5. In other words it will take approximately 20 new exposures to get 1 new sign up. So my conversion rate is 5%. This number tells me so much about my projected income and the required level of IPO activities I will need to do in order to reach my financial goals. Knowing your numbers helps you with clarity with goal setting in a major way. Having clarity is everything.

Tip 2- Be consistent

The 2nd tip is to be consistent, no matter what. Time management is everything with blogging. I could write a whole series on this. Being consistent in your blog or business is the number 1 key ingredient required for success. It is extremely challenging for me to write or blog when I don’t feel like it, like right now. So what I’m learning to do to be more consistent is schedule 90 minute time-blocks daily to work on my blog. This way, I’m focused on putting in the time rather than creating content or finishing a perfect blog which can both be mentally draining. My time-management goal is to schedule 2 90 minute blocks per day so I may put in 3 hours of honing my craft per day. That’s 15 hours during the week plus pretty much my entire weekend, another 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday for a total 39 hours per week I work on my self and my business. The best incentive I have for advising new writers to write daily is so that you become someone worth becoming in the process.

Tip 3- Posture

My third tip is to be aware of your posture. Posture is everything. Nothing else will matter if you don’t hold the posture of a self-confident business owner and one who has self-belief because no one will want to join you otherwise. People join people, not businesses. Your belief in your own ability to make a living in sales will translate into more sales of lack of sales. There are two types of people I’ve worked with in network marketing. The first type is the type that believes in them self. They always seem to be progressing in what ever it is they do. Because they believe in themselves, they tend to get what they want. And the other type of person I encounter in network marketing is the type that lacks belief in them themselves. No matter how much you try and pour into these self-doubting types, they remain paralyzed in their business and never seem to quite develop the necessary belief in themselves to get over the learning curve because they refuse to put in the work. They instead procrastinate til infinity because sub-consciously they don’t believe success is possible for them– so they get just what they believe– notta

Building a successful network marketing business boils down to self-development. Your profits will always grow in direct proportion to how much your mind grows, hence think & grow rich. Those who reach the greatest heights of success in network marketing are those who work harder on themselves than they do their business; they are those who are continuously growing their mind; those who are heavy consumers of information, I’m talking those reading 50 books per year. In order to grow your mind you must go back and forth from learned knowledge and activity knowledge (repeat). Knowing your closing ratio, tip 1, is fundamental to tracking your personal growth & development. Set numeric goals and crush them daily. Consistency, tip 2, will ensure your personal growth and development. Good posture, tip 3, is a bi-product of tips 1 and 2, but good old-fashioned belief in yourself is the ultimate antidote for poor posture.

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Interview with God –Advice for New Bloggers

Greetings fellow bloggers and subscribers! So I really wanted to write this blog based on a real conversation I had with my HP (Higher Power) this morning… It was awesome! I could hear Him speaking to me in Gary Vee’s voice as clear as day. Yes, God’s voice was the same as Gary Vaynerchuk’s this morning. (I Know – Weird, Who’d of thought, right??)

So any whoo… I conjured up my HP this morning with the 12-steps’ 3rd step prayer (it always works). next thing I know, I’m in the hot-seat…

HP: What is it that want.. and how can I help?

Me: Please help me be successful… What do I need to know

HP: So tell me, what is your talent Paris?

Me: Huh?

HP: Exactly… what is your gift… what are you extremely good at? You will never move forward til you answer honestly

Me: I guess writing … I’m a talented writer

HP: Excellent! See, that wasn’t hard. How good are you at writing?

Me: I’m okay. I could use a lot more practice, lol!. My work needs a little polishing I can admit. I’m not putting out my best

HP: How often do you write? I know you must have a blog I assume?

Me: Mmm… not enough … yes I do have a blog but I don’t post regularly. I’m spending a lot more time on YouTube these days, trying to grow my following you know? Plus I work a full-time 40 hour a week job. It’s hard to find the time, you know?

HP: If you want my personal advice Paris I’m going to give it to you straight and be brutally honest with you hon, okay?

Me: Yes that’s fine – go ahead and give it to me straight

HP: Ok- Straight no chaser here it goes: I think you need to focus all of your down time when your not working your full-time job on blogging. For the next YEAR. 95% of your free time doing nothing but blogging or preparing for your next blog. I’m talking a daily or weekly blog post at minimum. At a minimum you should be putting out great content every single week, maybe even twice per week. I want you to put out great blog posts twice per week that will knock your competition out of the park! How many professional bloggers do you know off the top of your head that are out here absolutely crushing it?

Me: not anybody comes to mind right now..

HP: PRECISELY! Why on god’s green earth would you bother wasting your time on YouTube or other platforms to grow your audience when those platforms are not best suited to your gifts… to what comes natural to you. You always want to choose the platform that showcases your natural gifts and talents and you will never go wrong. Don’t be afraid to lead the pack. When ever you are an original pioneer of something, not saying that there aren’t already some really great bloggers out there as Im sure there are, I personally don’t follow blogs, but to make my point, when you’re the pioneer of a thing, you get to make the rules as you go. So don’t be afraid to take risks. You’re in competition with no one but the person you were yesterday. But if you want to compete You will loose against those who are best suited for YouTube or other platforms- EVERY time! I kid you not! Stick to what comes easy for you in the beginning until you become the top expert! I mean think about it, which would you rather be… a mediocre YouTube vlogger or an expert WordPress blogger.. or expert consultant, or hair and make-up artist or what ever your thing or your gift is, as opposed to mediocre this or that just because everyone else is jumping in on the bandwagon, … right? you get me??

Me; (nods head in agreement while gazing into the eyes of her reflection in the bathroom mirror– continues brushing teeth)

HP: Write a fkng bomb blog every single week, aim for twice per week and none of that half-ass mediocre garbage you’ve been putting out– in all fairness by your own admission– I don’t know because I’ve never read your blog. But if writing is really your gift you are going to knock kit out the fkg park in 2018 just with blog posts! Do this consistently for the rest of the first quarter and by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2018, watch and see how much your following will have grown– And an ORGANIC following at that. I’m telling you, when you become the expert in your niche, getting your blog followers and subscribers to cross over to your other platforms when and if you’re ready to do so will be a piece of cake. But for now, lead with your strengths. You can’t afford to overlap your strengths with weaknesses this early in the phase of developing a name for yourself in the social media world. Develop your writing to the level of professional writers in your niche, go look at other successful bloggers with a ton of subscribers and do a shout-out (mention) on your blog. Don’t copy; put your own swag and your won spins on the same trending topics that are headlining with every one else saying the same thing– How bout your say something different? And say it using your own persona and idiosyncrasies only Paris can say it, The key is to “be so good they con’t ignore you.” Have fun with it; No, seriously, have fun; be humorous; be entertaining while informative. Know your audience and your subject thoroughly before you post so you can go beyond just the surface and click bait appeal and actually gain new followers.

Write about topics that are trending, and use relevant hashtags. Study google analytics. Even research how to monetize your blog and write a thoroughly researched and hash-tagged bomb post; Because everyone wants to know how to make money doing what they love- and if more people really knew and understood how to monetize their writing gifts there would be more people jumping on the bandwagon, subscribing to blogs yours as a trusted source of information– but you’ve got to be consistent. consistency is everything, no matter the genre! And the other thing is write about subjects you are already the expert in, and if you can'[t think of one, the mazel-tov! Even better- go find one! Find a subject you’re extremely passionate about and go document your research– then just continue to study and grow your knowledge base and skill set and you are going to knock it out the park by year’s end. 2018 could be your year– if you do what I just said, and stay focused and don’t deviate from the plan for the next year at least. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. Success doesn’t
happen over night. It took me 5 years to becomes an overnight millionaire. Best wishes to you Paris

Me: Thank you so much. I will stick to the plan for a year

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Time is Money

    timeismoney (1)Time is money. So why was this on my mind at 2 am in the morning last night? Probably at the realization that I simply had to get some zzzs whether I felt like it or not because I had to be up for work in the am. I had a really great blog topic on the subject of time-management about 2 weeks ago, but I’d gotten so busy with work and finishing the last few chapters of my book that I simply hadn’t found the time to blog. But even as I fight off the sleepiness right now to get this insight out, I realize that I’ve had plenty of time to blog. I’d simply refused to stay up passed midnight to get the writing started. This is a huge mistake for serious bloggers, I’ve come to learn. By the time 6 am would roll around, I’d  usually hit the snooze a few times, convinced that there is no point in starting a blog that I don’t have time to finish. And so off to work I’d go, morning after morning–  no blog.

    Something had to change. Jim Rohn hit it on the head when he said success isn’t built overnight. “Happiness doesn’t come from big pieces of great success, but from small advantages hammered out day by day (Jim Rohn).”  In other words it’s kind of like paying off my new car note. The bank knows that I can simply pay the whole loan off early in one payment if I have a really good day– say a $25,000 day for example. But as impressive as this seems to me, paying off the entire loan in one wop, this doesn’t benefit the bank at all. The bank prefers to see me make consistent payments on time over the next 5 years to establish a good line of credit or solid payment history with them, so they can of course extend me another line of credit. Plus the bank would receive a lot more money in compounding interest over 5 years than they would from one balloon payment. Success works in a similar way.

    It takes about 5 years to become an overnight success. A major key to my personal growth and transformation was  understanding this point. Every day matters.  This blog wasn’t written over night, or in the course of one morning. It was hammered out over the course of 3 days, typing a little here, and a little there. I love the story of the tortoise and the hare because it reminds me that slow and steady wins the race; not the fastest runner; not the tallest; not the smartest. It is the one who masters the simple discipline of daily, consistent and steady actions hammered out one day at a time who will eventually win his or her race.  When I began to treat my free time as I would discretionary income, I began to magically carve out more hours of my day to invest in my self-development. When one comes to realize that literally every minute of the day counts, they will exercise much more discretion with how they spend their time. This makes this difference between 5 figure salary verses a 6 or 7 figure income.

    Successful people spend their time like money. They invest it self-development first, then spend what’s left on pleasure, entertainment or relaxation. Wealthy people invest 30% of their income in their self-development, wise investments and charity, then they spend what’s left on entertainment, shopping or self-indulgence. Unsuccessful people do the opposite. They spend first and invest what’s left, if there is anything left at all. The best way to improve one’s time management skills is to remember that time is literally money. The time you invest in your self development will reduce your learning curve, literally shaving off years off  the time it would take reach  extraordinary goals. all that time one puts into learning a new skill translates into money as well. Others will pay good money to learn what we have invested our time in if it will mean they can have the same result. Again, time is money.



Shoulders of Giants


Clarity is such a powerful thing


Ask and it shall be given

Seek and yes shall find

Knock and it shall be opened unto thee

So finally, you have clarity !

This was no easy task … it took more than half your life to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing

But just when you thought your biggest challenge was over, now you feel lost.

But how does one get lost when they know where you’re going you ask?

Most likely it is bc they’ve never been where they’re destined to go

Yikes! Talk about scary …

Being scared isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

As the world famous quote goes, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”

But the good news is that if you’re resourceful enough to find a good map and are capable follow directions, eventually you’ll arrive to that place called destiny.

But if you for what ever reason you have no access to a good map …What works just as good as finding your own map is that if you’re not afraid to tap the right person on the shoulder with a good map, and ask them which way from here,

Even if they do not give you the whole map, but they are willing to at least point which way from here,

just keep journeying til u reach your next milestone and tap the next right person on the shoulder,

The worse thing that could happen is that bc they have a bad map, they send the wrong way, and you actually go

so be careful who u ask,

Make certain they’ve been where you’re going, or at least are farther ahead then you

But the best thing that could happen, if you ask the right one, is that they’ll squat down and allow you to stand on their shoulders

Then, you have the power to create your own map. So don’t be afraid to approach giants

And whatever you do, don’t give up!

Keep seeking clarity… ask for directions when you feel lost, and keep on asking til you can at least identify the next milestone

Where you may ask the next guide, or mentor to point you in the direction of your final destination

This is is why it helps to first know where you’re going … continue to seek clarity if you are still unclear about your purpose

As long as you maintain the attitude, conviction and mindset of never giving up, eventually you will arrive to that place called purpose.


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Principle of Applied Faith

IT’S GOING TO TAKE FAITH, if only the size of a mustard seed:
I’m seriously sitting here stuck … trying to make a boss decision on investing another $150 in my WordPress site to upgrade to Business so I can add a woo shopping cart plug-in with option for credit cards, Paypal, coupon codes, shipping, free shipping, tax for my book sales …
I will need these features for my launch
I also need that $150 towards a down payment on a car next week 😫😫
I’m like seriously froze with my finger on the button …
I tell ppl all the time to invest in urself …
If I don’t upgrade now it delays my book launch for several months out maybe a year of paying a new car note and insurance …
but if I invest now I can make that money back and then some with a successful book launch …which is all I’ve been working on over the last month when I’m not working my 9-5…
But if I wait another 2 weeks to get a car I could lose my job due to lack of transportation … the vehicle I drive now will be sold by the owner any day now …
Here comes the part when I have to take my own advice,
take risk and bet on me!
believe in myself…
its where stand at a turning point …
near the edge of the cliff and my only 2 choices are to
take a risk and jump and find my parachute on the way down …
or turn around …
After writing this post my answer is clear …
If ur not willing to be the first person to bet on u … even if that means risking everything
Even if that means ur the only one…
then how in the world can u expect anyone else to ?
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Principle of Going the Extra Mile

I love working in property management… every day I’m faced with new challenges, meeting deadlines,
opportunities to implore problem solving skills, the need to lead a team, to supervise and make them feel heard, understood, and appreciated
to handle emergency maintenance requests, welcome new members to the team, dismiss new members from the team,
to have an unplanned team meetings when everybody’s gathered to introduce new company polices and procedures
to motivate and inspire my team to go the extra mile when they would normally quit,
to build rapport with company vendors, property inspectors and housing specialists
to take initiative with on the spot decisions and take quick and decisive action
to treat all people with dignity and respect, even when they are hostile towards me, or undeserving, to never take anything personal
the opportunity to welcome a new family to their new home as I hand them their key
and lastly the opportunity to take a 20 year old real estate company from a negative networth balance a step closer every day to breaking even.
My boss’ words last week, brought a smile to my face on my way out to the door… “I’m finally beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. This company has potential.”
I practice the principle of going the extra mile on my job and on my personal goals, a principle I talk about in my new book Change Your Philosophies Change Your Life. As a result we passed 3 inspections last week and closed leases on 3 new homes!. Book now available at paris armani dot com. Stay tuned for my upcoming workshop … #BuildingAnOnlineBusinessOnABudget #ZoomWebinar
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What’s a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

May you be willing to do whatever it takes get “unstuck’ and take that bountiful leap of faith into that place of greatness called Purpose.

Sometimes I’m struck with an inspirational idea for a new project that I know could potentially not only impact hundreds if not thousands of lives, but that would also position me as a thought leader in the coaching, publishing and speaking industries… but bc it doesn’t come with a ready-made blue-print I fear failure and don’t take that leap of faith.

Does this sound like you?

What happens is we get “stuck” trying to work out all the details before we ever get started and the end result is … we never actually get started.

As a spiritual self-development coach my sole focus is to help my clients transition from that place of mental “stuckness,”  and fear of taking that bountiful leap of faith, and transition into playing FULL OUT on their entrepreneurial spirit!

There is a spiritual entrepreneur in each of us, only we live in a world that doesn’t value or celebrate spiritual gifts.

Playing small with our spiritual gifts is a big mistake because our spiritual gifts are the most abundant resource we as entrepreneurs have  freely accessibly to us for creating and attracting  more abundance in our lives.

For some of us, our spiritual gifts are all we have. It’s time we stopped being afraid of monetizing our gifts, playing full out with our gifts, of  building thriving businesses and careers around our gifts.


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What A Spiritual Entrepreneur is Not

A spiritual entrepreneur is not your typical pool-pit Sunday preacher using the word of Elohym to dupe their church members into furnishing their extravagant lifestyles while claiming to be a non-profit organization.

No, those are preachers that I no longer give my money too. My experience with church has shown me that there is far too much corruption in the church when it comes to tithes to give them my money. The Malachi passage on paying tithes has been taken way out of context.

I’d rather invest my money in educational products and courses created by gifted Spiritual Entrepreneurs that I know will give me a seven-fold return on my investment so I can donate more to real NPOs.

The word of Elohym (God) is priceless, and yes it is better to give than to receive, but the word also says we should never give under compulsion, nor should we have to feel compelled to give of our last for the preachers benefit. We are to give from the abundance of our heart.

Our giving is for orphans and widows, which is why I started the non-profit, Children of Israel’s Charity for Orphans and Widows. I live by the philosophy of always setting aside 10% of my income for charitable giving.

Now back to the Word; though the Word is priceless, the Bible it’s self, the ink, the paper, that nice leather book cover … of course we all understand that it costs money to produce the physical book, which means it will cost money purchase the physical book … but the power inherent in those 66 books, the value of the life giving, self-healing, abundance and prosperity producing spiritual treasures contained within those pages could never be measured in dollars and cents.

It’s no different with spiritual entrepreneurs. In a sense, Spiritual Entrepreneurs are creators. It’s not the message, the testimonies, the healing powers or spiritual self development that our clients and customers pay for;

but to put together and host a spiritual retreat costs money to rent a space; to publish a spiritual book costs money for marketing. Not to mention the countless hours the author invested years of research, experience and their skillful ability to organize and present a well organized finished product or service that will literally collapse time into a fraction of the time it took for the creator of said product to abstract the lessons that will take you to the next level.

The transmutation of business building skills does come with a price tag. Ones years of honing their public speaking skills in order to deliver a life-transformational  message comes with a price tag. We don’t pay for the message, we pay for the powerful results that will inevitably show up in our lives. We pay for things we value, and others value your time you have to put a price tag on it or others will demand every minute of it.

A People Business

A Spiritual Entrepreneur is in the people business. We create original content that serves as medicine for the human soul.

We replace financial goals with human impact goals. We think not in terms of how much money will I make from said product or course, but in terms of how many people will it inspire?

Instead of setting a $10k per month financial goal for example, my human impact goal is inspiring 10k lives per month. This is why I often say that Spiritual Entrepreneurship is a people business.

My vision for writing Change Your Philosophies Change Your Life was to inspire 1k Spiritual Entrepreneurs to play Full Out on their entrepreneurial Spirit using the 10 Spiritual Laws and Principles break down. Then of course, I 10Xed it and raised my global impact goal to inspiring 10K Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

If each of those 10k entrepreneurs my book helps to inspire were to go on to inspire just 100 more Entrepreneurs, then the ripple effect of investing in human lives will have a total global impact of inspiring 1M lives.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are called to set purposeful and meaningful goals that are bigger than themselves. Using their gift of Inspiration they inspire the cooperation of others in their tribe to help spread the mission.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs value people, not things. The irony is that the money comes as a result of making this fundamental mindset shift. Impacting people is the cornerstone of every great purposeful calling.

My wish for you on your Spiritual Entrepreneurship journey is that you arrive to this place called purpose for yourself.

And next time you’re struck with the inspiration to impact thousands of lives, may you push past the fear knowing that hundreds of lives are waiting to be impacted by your work; May you read Change Your Philosophies Change Your Life, hire a coach, and speak it into existence.

May you be willing to do whatever it takes get “unstuck‘ and take that bountiful leap of faith into that place of greatness called Purpose. Know that there is greatness within you… you ARE the blue-print! But sometimes… it takes a coach.

#SpiritualEntrepreneurs #Vision-10K

Do you have what it takes to be a featured guest on our new Rabbit Hole Podcast Series? Drop us a line and tell us about your Purpose and how you are impacting lives. We want to help you get your message out to the world. We love connecting with our subscribers…


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Why Do We Get Stuck? …

Getting stuck in life and in business can be challenging to overcome for all, especially entrepreneurs who are often faced with these challenges alone. The best way to combat this obstacle is to have a tool kit of different mind hack tricks you can turn to in your time of need. I’ve put together a list of seven sure fire ways to rocket launch your focus  and level of execution back into fifth gear whenever your mind, body and spirit are overly weighed down with mental lethargy and fatigue so you can get back to crushing your goals like the bad-ass you know you are.

Before we dive in to tip number one I want to explore some of the preventative causes of mental ‘stuckness,’ because as the adage goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Imagine  yourself on an ideal day of crushing it: You wake up before sunrise, you didn’t hit the snooze; you got in your morning workout; you spoke your most powerful affirmations into existence and wallah! The crushing it continues throughout the remainder of your day. You know exactly how your going to spend your day because you remembered to fill in your planner then night before. You time blocked two hours of finishing your book before work. Another hour time blocked for writing your next blog when you get off work. You made sure you time blocked hours for your shooting and producing your next bad ass YouTube video or podcast episode and that new audio book you’ve been listening to has shifted your mindset about everything you thought you knew about high performance habits so much so that you’re you’ve already began implementing the new habit of focusing most your time and energy on only those prolific quality output activities.

You feel so unstoppable that you add a new project to your plate, and not just any project, but a huge project that has you spending all your time researching how to bring it into fruition like a power house women’s conference in Atlanta with all your favorite high-profile speakers like Lisa Nichols, Marie Floreo and the Spirit Junkie Gabby Bernstein – mistake number 1. Before you know it, you’ve hit a brick wall. You experience absolute burn out and exhaustion. The thought of going back to your current projects you’ve been working on seem dull and unexciting all of a sudden for some reason. You realize you are missing some resources to pull off that next big project but you’ve lost your enthusiasm for the old projects. What’s a boy, or gal to do you wonder? You wonder all day that day, meanwhile scrolling through facebook and instagram – mistake number 2. Before you know you’re comparing yourself to other high performers absolutely crushing it on social media- mistake number 3. You begin to feel like a small and unsignificant fish in a big pod compared to all those other big sharks. You start questioning your entire life purpose, second guessing yourself, your calling, your choice of mate, even the food you eat. What an undisciplined looser I am for eating that bag of Doritos at work today or late night.

By now you realize you’ve procrastinated on your goals, while watching every one else excel right by you over the last three days. You decide your going to stop feeling sorry for yourself and kick back into fifth gear, but the thing is, you can’t. You are stuck. Stuck feeling sorry for yourself. Stuck watching everyone around you. Stuck judging yourself. Stuck eating peanut m&ms or smoking a half pack of cigarettes in one sitting. You’ll get back to work tomorrow you lie to yourself, But in the meantime, you need a small escape form the harsh realities of life so you escape in front of the tv. Before you know it, your hooked on a particular televison program, and you simply have to get caught up on the whole series. It’s just the escape you needed, until the pressure mingled with that familiar feeling self disgust and retribution that too often follow a extended period of stagnation on your goals.

Any day now you tell yourself, you can feel your momentum coming back. Any hour now your tell yourself two days later. Any moment now You rationalize with yourself later that night. I’m so close to ‘feeling like’ working on my goals I can just taste it. Any second now you tell yourself the next day. Any second now, you tell yourself later that night. Suddenly the hard and ugly truth dawns on you. This feeling of almost feeling like i could go on forever and ever. So you finally tough it up and tell yourself you don’t give a damn rather you feel like it or not, the pain of staying the same is too great a pain then just diving back in and crushing it again. Come tomorrow morning, rather you feel like it or not you’re crushing your goals for the week! But by now, you’ve forgotten what those goals are. Your vision is just a wee bit fuzzy. There’s nobody there to remind you either, because by now you’ve learned better than to go blabbering off to just any and everybody about your multi-millionaire ideas.  You know they’d laugh you all the way back to playing small again in your tiny corner cubicle.

Suddenly, you remembered why you got started. You remember how sick and tired you are at playing small in that tine corner cubicle. You remember a powerful quote from the last book you read that caused that mindset shift just before you quit your last job. You start remembering all the life transforming words from the thousands of pages you’ve read in life transforming books over the last decade from all your favorite authors. You begin feeling your confidence rise as you stroll over to your book case to grab that new inspiring unfinished  book you started reading a couple weeks ago. You flip it open to the bookmark in the middle of the book, as you skim through the pages containing all your colorful highlights. And there it is, that powerful quote that catapulted you on your current journey, in a yellow highlight. It reads: “Success is what you attract by the person you become.” You continue reading where you left off, and can’t put the book down. Your highlighting and underlining and before you know it, your back in the zone -your zone of greatness!

Just then, the Ruach whispers ‘Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.’ You hear the voice of the Ruach and you remember the greatness that is within you. You affirm it out loud. You go through your series of powerful affirmations with as much conviction as you can muster. You grab a pen and your planner and begin filling in your day PQO (Prolific Quality Output) activities. You’re feeling so inspired that you jot down a few insights and as the inspiration keeps flowing you jot down bullet points. Before you know it, you’re on a facebook live sharing the inspiration with your followers. Nothing can stop you now. You don’t know how you ever got stuck in the first place but your feeling so alive now that the little down time you experienced trying to get unstuck no longer bothers you, because now you’re back soaring so high towards your goals  that this time you’re convinced, nothing can bring you down, that is, until you come down again. And the cycle continues. (Subscribe to receive my next blog post on the 3 common mistakes that lead to getting stuck and how to avoid)

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Paris Armani

Moving Through Negative Energy/ Money Blocks

“When you’ve gone as far as you can on your own but still experiencing a money block, that is when you know it’s time to hire a coach.”

I just created a foundation! Why is this important? On a sub-conscious level we often have self limiting beliefs about money and why we don’t deserve to have a lot of it when there are so many people who lack it- but irony of these self limiting beliefs is that they don’t serve us or the the very people we create stories around to ease our guilt complex about having more. This is a scarcity mindset based on another “story” we tell ourselves that having more equates others having less. An abundant thinker on the other hand knows that the more they have the more good they can do in the world.

The solution to overcoming these stories we tell ourselves is to invest a portion of our income into charitable organizations that resonate with us, or better yet, play BIGGER and start our own charitable organization!

When you work with me we dig deep, and I do mean deep! I dare to go places that will make you feel a bit vulnerable at times to cut through the facades and layers of bull shit masks we present to the world in order to be accepted that really don’t serve us or the world in which we live. My job is to help unveil the deeper truth as to why you don’t have or do the things you say you want, or in other words, to expose your unique lie, or “story.”

There are no cookie cutter answers in our sessions. While energy/ money blocks have the propensity to show up in our lives with the same result, (scarcity and lack) it may take several intensive coaching sessions to get to the individual ” story” or self-limiting belief that is holding one back from playing full out. This is why my clients invest a private coach. They understand that they don’t what they don’t know. When you’ve gone as far as you can on your own but still experiencing a money block, that is when you know it’s time to hire a coach.