Interview with God –Advice for New Bloggers

Greetings fellow bloggers and subscribers! So I really wanted to write this blog based on a real conversation I had with my HP (Higher Power) this morning… It was awesome! I could hear Him speaking to me in Gary Vee’s voice as clear as day. Yes, God’s voice was the same as Gary Vaynerchuk’s this morning. (I Know – Weird, Who’d of thought, right??)

So any whoo… I conjured up my HP this morning with the 12-steps’ 3rd step prayer (it always works). next thing I know, I’m in the hot-seat…

HP: What is it that want.. and how can I help?

Me: Please help me be successful… What do I need to know

HP: So tell me, what is your talent Paris?

Me: Huh?

HP: Exactly… what is your gift… what are you extremely good at? You will never move forward til you answer honestly

Me: I guess writing … I’m a talented writer

HP: Excellent! See, that wasn’t hard. How good are you at writing?

Me: I’m okay. I could use a lot more practice, lol!. My work needs a little polishing I can admit. I’m not putting out my best

HP: How often do you write? I know you must have a blog I assume?

Me: Mmm… not enough … yes I do have a blog but I don’t post regularly. I’m spending a lot more time on YouTube these days, trying to grow my following you know? Plus I work a full-time 40 hour a week job. It’s hard to find the time, you know?

HP: If you want my personal advice Paris I’m going to give it to you straight and be brutally honest with you hon, okay?

Me: Yes that’s fine – go ahead and give it to me straight

HP: Ok- Straight no chaser here it goes: I think you need to focus all of your down time when your not working your full-time job on blogging. For the next YEAR. 95% of your free time doing nothing but blogging or preparing for your next blog. I’m talking a daily or weekly blog post at minimum. At a minimum you should be putting out great content every single week, maybe even twice per week. I want you to put out great blog posts twice per week that will knock your competition out of the park! How many professional bloggers do you know off the top of your head that are out here absolutely crushing it?

Me: not anybody comes to mind right now..

HP: PRECISELY! Why on god’s green earth would you bother wasting your time on YouTube or other platforms to grow your audience when those platforms are not best suited to your gifts… to what comes natural to you. You always want to choose the platform that showcases your natural gifts and talents and you will never go wrong. Don’t be afraid to lead the pack. When ever you are an original pioneer of something, not saying that there aren’t already some really great bloggers out there as Im sure there are, I personally don’t follow blogs, but to make my point, when you’re the pioneer of a thing, you get to make the rules as you go. So don’t be afraid to take risks. You’re in competition with no one but the person you were yesterday. But if you want to compete You will loose against those who are best suited for YouTube or other platforms- EVERY time! I kid you not! Stick to what comes easy for you in the beginning until you become the top expert! I mean think about it, which would you rather be… a mediocre YouTube vlogger or an expert WordPress blogger.. or expert consultant, or hair and make-up artist or what ever your thing or your gift is, as opposed to mediocre this or that just because everyone else is jumping in on the bandwagon, … right? you get me??

Me; (nods head in agreement while gazing into the eyes of her reflection in the bathroom mirror– continues brushing teeth)

HP: Write a fkng bomb blog every single week, aim for twice per week and none of that half-ass mediocre garbage you’ve been putting out– in all fairness by your own admission– I don’t know because I’ve never read your blog. But if writing is really your gift you are going to knock kit out the fkg park in 2018 just with blog posts! Do this consistently for the rest of the first quarter and by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2018, watch and see how much your following will have grown– And an ORGANIC following at that. I’m telling you, when you become the expert in your niche, getting your blog followers and subscribers to cross over to your other platforms when and if you’re ready to do so will be a piece of cake. But for now, lead with your strengths. You can’t afford to overlap your strengths with weaknesses this early in the phase of developing a name for yourself in the social media world. Develop your writing to the level of professional writers in your niche, go look at other successful bloggers with a ton of subscribers and do a shout-out (mention) on your blog. Don’t copy; put your own swag and your won spins on the same trending topics that are headlining with every one else saying the same thing– How bout your say something different? And say it using your own persona and idiosyncrasies only Paris can say it, The key is to “be so good they con’t ignore you.” Have fun with it; No, seriously, have fun; be humorous; be entertaining while informative. Know your audience and your subject thoroughly before you post so you can go beyond just the surface and click bait appeal and actually gain new followers.

Write about topics that are trending, and use relevant hashtags. Study google analytics. Even research how to monetize your blog and write a thoroughly researched and hash-tagged bomb post; Because everyone wants to know how to make money doing what they love- and if more people really knew and understood how to monetize their writing gifts there would be more people jumping on the bandwagon, subscribing to blogs yours as a trusted source of information– but you’ve got to be consistent. consistency is everything, no matter the genre! And the other thing is write about subjects you are already the expert in, and if you can'[t think of one, the mazel-tov! Even better- go find one! Find a subject you’re extremely passionate about and go document your research– then just continue to study and grow your knowledge base and skill set and you are going to knock it out the park by year’s end. 2018 could be your year– if you do what I just said, and stay focused and don’t deviate from the plan for the next year at least. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. Success doesn’t
happen over night. It took me 5 years to becomes an overnight millionaire. Best wishes to you Paris

Me: Thank you so much. I will stick to the plan for a year

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