5 AM Hustle: Morning Ritual

So I woke up at 5 am and as usual got sucked into the 3 hour social media black-out. In other words I clicked on a Facebook notification and 3 hours later, 8:01 am to be exact I’m at my laptop, coffee mug in hand ready to crank out this week’s 2nd blog post. My laptop is slow as molasses so I can never quite get on and off in 15 minutes like I initially plan, so today I’m calling myself out. i even missed my 45 min morning work-out. I’ve made a decision to purchase a new 8 GB laptop computer on my next pay day to end these 3 hour black-outs once and for all. It’s time to invest in my craft. 5 am is the optimum time for me to start my day in order to master peak performance. I have no time to loose on a crappy computer. The good news is it’s only Tuesday and this is my 2nd blog post for the week, which means I’m right on tract. I’ll definitely be done writing, editing and revising this piece within the next 2 to 3 days, but I absolutely refuse to crank out garbage content anymore for the sake of posting every day and every where. Greatness can’t always be rushed into a day.

So I’ve decided to share a few tips on how I usually wake up, hit the gym at 5 AM, and still manage to get in 90 mins of blog time. Yes I realize you’re not supposed to begin a sentence with “so” but this is one of my idiosyncrasies that help me speak more authentically in the voice in my head, so this is how it’s going down. Let’s dive into these tips.

Tip One: 30 Minute Alarm Trick
My first tip for waking up at 5 AM is to set your alarm 30 mins before 5 AM or the desired time you want to wake up.This is to allow you time to mentally wake up, scrolling through Facebook and basically just being wasteful with your time. You don’t want to waste any time after the 30 minutes of “free-time’ your give yourself.

Tip Two: Mind Over Matter
My second tip is to wake up your mind first, before your body. This is crucial to waking up at ridiculous hours of the morning, and actually staying awake during those first 15 critical minutes of the day. It’s said that the first hour of the day determines if we win the full 24 hours of the day. Well I find it to be equally true that the first 15 minutes determine if we win the first hour of the day.

Tip Three: Create a Morning Ritual
My third tip for waking up at 5 AM is to create a morning ritual using the SAVERS method:

S: 5 mins of Silence
A: 5 mins of Affirmations
V: 5 mins of Visualizations
E: 20 mins of Exercise
R: 20 mins of Reading
S: 5 mins of Scripting/ Journaling

Having a bedtime routine is equally important. I like to meditate 30 minutes before bed, then plan my next day by filling in my weekly planner in 90 minute blocks.

Be sure to be consistent no matter how boring it gets. As you develop the habits of the successful you will begin to reap the rewards of the successful and suddenly boring won’t seem so boring anymore when you start seeing those three digit deposits (okay 2 digit… 2 digit deposits for me but they add up to three digits) hitting your accounts. Just don’t give up before you start seeing results. The funny thing about doubt is that it often trips people up into quitting right when success is withing reach. Just stay focused on doing the one-two step, a concept I talk about in my book, 6 Figure Mindset Coach: Change Your Philosophies, Change Your Life

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Principle of Applied Faith

IT’S GOING TO TAKE FAITH, if only the size of a mustard seed:
I’m seriously sitting here stuck … trying to make a boss decision on investing another $150 in my WordPress site to upgrade to Business so I can add a woo shopping cart plug-in with option for credit cards, Paypal, coupon codes, shipping, free shipping, tax for my book sales …
I will need these features for my launch
I also need that $150 towards a down payment on a car next week 😫😫
I’m like seriously froze with my finger on the button …
I tell ppl all the time to invest in urself …
If I don’t upgrade now it delays my book launch for several months out maybe a year of paying a new car note and insurance …
but if I invest now I can make that money back and then some with a successful book launch …which is all I’ve been working on over the last month when I’m not working my 9-5…
But if I wait another 2 weeks to get a car I could lose my job due to lack of transportation … the vehicle I drive now will be sold by the owner any day now …
Here comes the part when I have to take my own advice,
take risk and bet on me!
believe in myself…
its where stand at a turning point …
near the edge of the cliff and my only 2 choices are to
take a risk and jump and find my parachute on the way down …
or turn around …
After writing this post my answer is clear …
If ur not willing to be the first person to bet on u … even if that means risking everything
Even if that means ur the only one…
then how in the world can u expect anyone else to ?
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Principle of Going the Extra Mile

I love working in property management… every day I’m faced with new challenges, meeting deadlines,
opportunities to implore problem solving skills, the need to lead a team, to supervise and make them feel heard, understood, and appreciated
to handle emergency maintenance requests, welcome new members to the team, dismiss new members from the team,
to have an unplanned team meetings when everybody’s gathered to introduce new company polices and procedures
to motivate and inspire my team to go the extra mile when they would normally quit,
to build rapport with company vendors, property inspectors and housing specialists
to take initiative with on the spot decisions and take quick and decisive action
to treat all people with dignity and respect, even when they are hostile towards me, or undeserving, to never take anything personal
the opportunity to welcome a new family to their new home as I hand them their key
and lastly the opportunity to take a 20 year old real estate company from a negative networth balance a step closer every day to breaking even.
My boss’ words last week, brought a smile to my face on my way out to the door… “I’m finally beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. This company has potential.”
I practice the principle of going the extra mile on my job and on my personal goals, a principle I talk about in my new book Change Your Philosophies Change Your Life. As a result we passed 3 inspections last week and closed leases on 3 new homes!. Book now available at paris armani dot com. Stay tuned for my upcoming workshop … #BuildingAnOnlineBusinessOnABudget #ZoomWebinar
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